News 06/02/18
ATTENTION STREAMERS: You are using wallet addresses instead of xpub keys for donations (Nano excluded). This will not work!
There is now a tutorial located HERE or in the dropdown menu on how to get your keys.
Previously: Now supporting Bitcoin Cash! Nano notifications are still down! Waiting for backend update!

What now?

The easiest way to setup your donation alerts is to use Streamlabs OBS.

If you prefer other programs, here is a guide for OBS Studio and Xsplit can be found here: Adding widgets to OBS/Xsplit

To be able to receive donations, link your favorite cryptocurrency Electrum wallet of your choosing (Nano excluded) to the cryptips system by using a Master Public Key (xpub). This does not let anyone have access to your wallet, it only let us get unused addresses from your wallet. It is read only.

To access your xpub key from most Electrum wallets here is an example:

If you want, you can also accept Paypal donations! Add your paypal email here! (must be logged in)
Now you're ready to go! Simply share your custom page ( ) and let people donate!